How do I configure to log in to a portal?

Hi bit of a newbie but learning :slight_smile:
I have a router running OpenWRT firmware 19.1101
I am in an apartment block. Here to gain access to the internet I have to log into their web page.
I wish to set up my Router to automatically log in. So I can run all my WIFI devices from my router. ie chromecast, google home my laptop etc.
Thanks in advance look forward to hearing soon.

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wow thanks that was a quiick reply
ill have to read that again and try and use that info.
thanks so much

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So not trying to be to usless do I have to download that package?

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I see I do have to first i need to identify my chipset
Its a no name router.

@JohnnyChristo, welcome to the community!

You stated that you have OpenWrt running correct?

opkg update
opkg install <xxxxxx> <xxxxxxx>

(or use the web GUI - browse to System > Software)


Not as yet but I have identified the correct package. I have it on my hard drive in windows. I intend to run Debian and flash it to my router.