How do I configure main router to redirect traffic to be filtered by OpenWrt first?


  1. ISP WiFi Router where OpenWrt cannot be installed.
  2. DLink Router where OpenWrt is installed.


I need to filter traffic sent to Device 1, but I can't install OpenWrt on it and I can't instruct clients to use Device 2 directly instead either. I also need to let client connect to the WiFi from Device 1, so I don't believe I can simply turn on bridge mode on the same device. What should I do to achieve this configuration?


Clients ↔ ISP (Device 1) ↔ OpenWrt (Device 2) ↔ ISP (Device 1) ↔ Internet

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@taven, welcome to the community!

Why not?

I assume in more clear terms - this means, "forward Layer 3 traffic to the OpenWrt, filter it and forward it back"???

Obviously, if you forward before filtering you've defeated your desired use case of filtering before.

If you could Bridge Mode, you can make an SSID facing WAN on the OpenWrt.


Device 2 has significantly lower coverage.

Unfortunately I am unable to do this precisely because Device 2 has really low coverage.

I am not clear on what this term mean in the technical context of this discussion.

You mean WiFi range is poor Device 2?

If this is the case, you just added another consideration after-the-fact. OK.

Yeah sorry "range" is what I meant. Thanks for asking!

  • Install AdBlock and set OpenWrt to the wireless AP mode.
  • Set up a static DHCP lease or a static IP address for OpenWrt.
  • Configure one of the following:
    • Push OpenWrt IP as your primary DNS on the DHCP server.
    • Use OpenWrt IP as the upstream DNS server on your primary DNS.
    • Manually override DNS settings on the clients.
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