How do I allow broadcasts from a device on one LAN to reach the other connected LANs?

I have a Flexradio 6500 device in a remote location, It is connected successfully via WireGuard tunnels to two remote LANS. It is necessary to receive broadcast packets from the remote location at each of the other remote LANS, but they never arrive. What do I have to do to enable this?

What are you trying to achieve? What's the end goal


Allowing broadcasts across network is regarded as a security risk since you can swamp a network with unwanted traffic.

If you have access to the application source, going multicast may be a better option.

Wireguard is a layer 3 point-to-point tunnel. It doesn't transport broadcast traffic. Even multicast can be problematic. Depending on the exact nature of the multicast or broadcast traffic involved it may be possible to route it over a wireguard link using somne kinds of proxies, service discovery aids, or routing helpers. But this will be on a case-by-case, protocol-by-protocol basis and is often very difficult to achieve.

For seamless transfer of broadcast and multicast you need to use a layer 2 tunnel - this will transport ethernet frames over the link, including any protocol sent over them. You would need something like OpenVPN in TAP mode as your tunnel.

There is some information on setting OpenWrt for OpenVPN, though a lot of it is from the point of view of configuring to connect to a commercial VPN provider.