How do I Add a hardware profile to make menuconfig

Currently I'm working at a company that uses gateworks board with imx6 architecture. Now I've been asked to get openWRT running on a new board. It's an IMX6 ARM as well but not a gateworks board.

The new board already has uboot installed and I have it booted to a console. My thinking was to compile the imx6 generic profile for IMX6 and attempt to load that. However, selecting this option seems to create a uImage for the Gateworks Ventanna family and the Wandboard. I don't see an output called something like "generic uImage" file.

Also the uboot on the new board was preconfigured to use imx6q-sabresd.dtb
however imx6q-sabresd.dtb doesn't look like it's used by the imx6 builds on LEDE. (Previously this board was running Yocto)

I've tried loading the other uImage files for Gateworks and Wandboard with the new hardware but as expected it either hangs/reboots as soon as I see the message "Starting Kernel", However I'm not sure how to go about debugging this issue. Most likely some hardware isn't compatible.

I'd like to create a very basic linux image and just have a console would be a great start. I'd also like to have it as a build option under "make menuconfig"

The information I've found online isn't very helpful so far.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

So according to the article these should be the minimal set of files needed to add a new board.


However, If I look under imx6 these files don't exist

target/linux/imx6/dts (entire folder)
target/linux/imx6/image/ (There is a bootscript-ventanna and Makefile here though)

Note: That I can currently compile and load OpenWrt/LEDE onto a Gateworks board so I know that profile is working.