How do get the Wireguard version?

On other dist, 'cat /sys/module/wireguard/version' works, but not on OpenWRT.
I tried it on 18.06rc1.

If you just want to know you can use opkg list-installed.

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'opkg list-installed' shows a version number of git- for luci-proto-wireguard, which is presumably some internal build number for OpenWRT. I need the wireguard version that was using in building luci-proto-wireguard, which I still can't find.

Does “wg —help” show anything?
wg is the CLI tool for wireguard, but I don’t know if it is included.

opkg info wireguard

The actual running wireguard version number is associated with 'kmod-wireguard'.
So either 'opkg list-installed | grep wireguard' or 'opkg info kmod-wireguard'.
Thanks steering me to the right place.

Just a note (or a question) - OpenWRT 18.06rc2 points to an older version of wireguard, while the latest snapshot points to the latest version of wireguard. I take it that the "stable" versions of packages don't get updated, while the snapshots do?

Partially correct...I think it may be easier to follow the commit logs (at least for me it was):;a=summary

Here's the one for rc2:;a=shortlog;h=refs/tags/v18.06.0-rc2

Last commit related to wireguard in rc2:

wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180620

It just happens that you're using a software that's in testing. That's not the commit process of OpenWrt, though. In order to keep up-to-date with wireguard in OpenWrt, you will have to follow SNAPSHOT.

dmesg | grep wire

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