How do assign a 2nd pppoe as the gateway for a certain subnet?

For some reason I have another pppoe connection aside from the default internet route, and obviously I've unchecked the "use default gateway" option in the advanced tab for the pppoe connection.

Now I want my LAN3 to use that pppoe connection, I've tried putting the IP I got from that connection, say into the "IPv4 gateway" box, but the clients under LAN3 are still routed through my default gateway, i.e. the internet.

So the question is, what did I do wrong?

Thank you.

Remove that.

You need to do Policy Based Routing and you have 3 options:

  1. mwan3 package
  2. pbr package
  3. a set of rules/routes for each internet connection.

Thank you! All I could find about this focus on mwan, which I don't feel like using, nice to hear about the other options.

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