How disable mwan3 feature in my router?

I have a WE826 router that has a 4G mPCIe module integrated and uses a ZBT version of LEDE firmware. This firmware has load balancing features (wan and 4G). I always use only 4G connection ... I would like to disable the use of mwan3, how do I do it? is it as simple as disabling the interfaces in mwan3?


Just disable the mwan3 process.

Go to Sytem-> Startup then locate the mwan3 process

Then click on the ENABLED button (to disable it), click on the STOP button to stop the current process.

the firmware doesn't have that config section, I can't do it.

Does it have ssh access?

Maybe you can do a /etc/init.d/mwan3 disable and /etc/init.d/mwan3 stop

yes It has ssh. I installed minicom using ssh.

I will try. Thanks