How customize LEDE kernel?

I want to customize kernel as per requirements.

For, that I want to use image builder or lede-SDK? Or can I get what is an actual procedure for customizing kernel?

You should use the full build chain.

The image builder is intended to "assemble" pre-compiled parts into a firmware image.

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Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the reply.

full build chain means lede-sdk am i right?
I want to remove some unnecessary module to decrease some kernel size.
It is possible with led-SDK. If possible then can I get what is the actual procedure to achieve that?
Thanks in advance.

When you have full build chain in place, you can adjust kernel build options via make kernel_menuconfig to suit your needs.

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SDK is more meant for compiling individual packages than whole kernels and firmwares.

Just install the whole build environment

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I try to configure kernel using make menuconfig in kernel src dir.But, it is overwritten when i do make in main build system directory.

If I recall correctly, LEDE's kernel can be configured using:

make kernel_menuconfig

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Hi phuque99,

Thanks it's working