How connect to proxy server?

Hi, how I can connect to proxy server using LuCi? Socks or HTTPs


I do this commands, but my IP not changed(
Maybe You can share an example?

mkdir -p /etc/profile.d
cat << "EOF" > /etc/profile.d/
export https_proxy=http://user:pass@ip:port/
. /etc/profile

Just to make sure: Have you replaced the placeholders (user,pass, ip, port) by real values?

Yes) I check ip on

Havent apps for luci for proxy connections?) Im noob for cmd

What apps for luci?

For easy connection to a proxy

Luci usually don't need to connect to/via a proxy, since it's running on the same host it suppose to "manage".

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I need to connect to a proxy in order to change my external address (Now I am in Germany, I need a US IP address), OpenVPN greatly reduces the speed, I need to connect to a proxy server.

And what does this have to do with luci and/or openwrt? The proxy is set up in the browser.

If you have a linux/openwrt host running in US, simply ssh to it and create a tunnel in the process, then configure a proxy in the browser at localhost:port.

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