How config menuconfig for target modem

Hello friends
I want to compile openwrt from source for zbt-we826 modem
But I do not know how to set the driver settings and the whole settings in menuconfig.
Is there a way to automate these settings based on Target?
Is there a way to explain how to make these settings for the zbt-we826 modem?
What is the right way to understand these settings?

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One key question seems to be if it is a 16 M or 32 M unit.

The URL on that page (for the 32 MB unit) tells me I'll find it under

  • Target System: MediaTek Rlink MIPS ("ramips")
  • Subtarget: MT7620 based boards)
  • Target Profile: Zbtlink ZBT-WE826 (16M/32M)

Past that, it is your choice as what you want to add. Build system builds are intended to be functional on flash for command-line configuration over SSH. They don't add LuCI by default.


My Target is 16 m
Yes, I know that by default, luci will not be added
But the basic parts like usb communication and ... will be set by specifying the target?

The core USB components are typically installed by default as appropriate for the target (for example, the USB 3 components are not present if the device doesn't have hardware that supports USB 3 under Linux/OpenWrt). USB storage, file system drivers, and/or UASP (if appropriate) need to be added, as would "other" USB-peripheral drivers.

That's my question too
In the zbt-we826 modem, which is a 4g modem. The modem interface connects to usb. I want to know how to set up usb from where to see this modem and do it in menuconfig.

I would install an “official” snapshot and determine which packages you need using the project repos, then build your own image or load yours up with everything related to WWAN modems and see what gets used, then slim down.

I did not understand what you mean

Start with something like to determine what you need. Then incorporate that into your own build.

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thanks . i cheing this link now