How can we make the lantiq xrx200 devices faster

I dont have a high-end internet to test the WAN to LAN but I am actually happy with the LAN to clients including LAN to WIFI. I think I have provided much information about this above. If you need something else you can ask.

now see the Easybox 904 thread
I 100% agree with you but QAuge are the developer

and this:

May I simply flash your image of the thread from my openwrt version via TFTP boot method with your provided version?

I think it could be a faulty flash that's causing crashes. There's a thread here with the same crashing issues and the OP there solved it with a ExtRoot but you’ll need to copy both /rom and /overlay to ExtRoot and it shouldn't cause crashes afterwards. There are two commands to setup the ExtRoot this way instead of one as in documentation.

# mount the usb drive
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
mkdir /mnt/upper

tar -C /rom -cvf - . | tar -C /mnt/upper -xf -
tar -C /overlay -cvf - . | tar -C /mnt -xf -
# do the above two commands after setting up the /etc/config/fstab with your USB as /overlay and then reboot the router

" Try to replace the 0904-backport-vanilla-eth-driver.patch with new version ... lots of unused code there"

I wonder if there are a definitive set of patches available at this time, for both IRQ balancing and the ethernet driver?


Edit: I updated the entire post.


Then you need 3 more patches that relate to CPU stability / irq balancing.

Find these patches: Xrx200 IRQ balancing between VPEs


@ahmar16, I greatly appreciate your prompt assistance. Thank you.

It will be done, I would say after I will manage to reverse engineer command rings of one other driver on my modem :smiley: .

Great work. Just to report that the patches apply just fine to the current version of trunk :slight_smile:

I would like to point out a simple thing. If anyone uses the patches then please use iperf/iperf3 to test Wireless /Wired performance of your roiter and post the before and after results here. It will be really helpful to streamline the integration in OpenWrt.

Edit: @pc2005 Any progress on mainline integration?

I read this topic for several months and now I would like to test all this patchset on my main DSL router. TD-W8970v1. Sadly it lacks wave300 5GHz onboard. Where can i find precompiled image?
@pc2005 thank you for your work.

This topic does not relate with wave300 wifi. It is more related to CPU stability and Lan speed improvement.

Anyway you need the full source code to build firmware with these patches, otherwise you can not use them. I use this with my W8980 and HomeHub 5A and it's really good.

Also @pc2005 was working for integrating these patches into mainstream OpenWrt. I have no idea when will that happen and there's no info on any progress yet. If the integration is done then you'll just need to use the Snapshots in future to avail these benefits but for now you have to compile from source.

@ahmar16 Thank you for your explanations and also for your support and testing.
But as for me - due some circumstances i can not prepare buildtree based on current master to build image with this patches so i want to kindly ask you to build and share image for tdw8970 if you can.
Thank You in advance.

I'll see if I can build one for you. What packages do you want to use with the build? How much flash does your router have? Do you plan to use ExtRoot? What filesystem would you want to use for it?

That is stock TP-LINK TD-W8970 without any hw mods. With zram-swap, no extroot. Now it is running on my custom SMP enabled early LEDE build for years and is very stable.

root@TDW8970:~# uname -a
Linux TDW8970 4.4.32 #0 SMP Mon Nov 21 15:15:34 2016 mips GNU/Linux
root@TDW8970:~# free
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:         59160      36092      23068       1276       3268       8172
-/+ buffers/cache:      24652      34508
Swap:        28668        152      28516
root@TDW8970:~# uptime
 21:04:10 up 29 days,  1:28,  load average: 0.00, 0.21, 0.16

So it will be very interesting to test @pc2005 patches on field for stability.
If you can, include please some extra packages: luci, luci-app-ddns, kmod-carl9170, kmod-usb-core, kmod-usb-dwc2, carl9170-firmware, iperf3.
Thank you.

I created the firmware before so I was not able to add carl9170 but everything else is there, but not included in the firmware itself. You can see for yourself:!Au9VmMwLylkznvFOdS7kngv6yUQm2g

Firmware itself includes LuCI and minimal packages for USB support, there are more packages added but they are in different folders and you can install them afterwards.

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I'm actually doing other work, but I hope I will be available to make the non RFC patches soon. Wifi driver (wave300) shouldn't be used for "production" and because of absolute no warranty/on your own risk you should compile it yourself. Maybe in the future when we develop better driver from the scratch :wink: .


pc2005: Thank you in advance for this, looking forward for testing some new version available for my TD-W8970 :slight_smile:

I had some spare time to test perfomance difference between three different LEDE/OpenWrt builds on Tp-link TD-W8970. There is ancient LEDE 4.4.32 r2281-SMPmod, current OpenWrt 4.14.114 r9933-snapshot and 4.14.114 r9908 pc2005-patched @ahmar16 build.
Network througput was tested both on 1Gbit ethernet cable link and WiFi. Distance ~1,5 meters between router and HP EliteBook G3 laptop running Ubuntu 16.04.

To make long story short quick results are noted in this table.

Mbits/sec, Retr 4.4.32 r2281-SMPmod 4.14.114 r9933-snapshot 4.14.114 r9908 pc2005-patched
WiFi 1,5m receiver 89,9 /50 retr 68,8 /41 retr 86,9 /0 retr
WiFi 1,5m sender 32,0 /1 retr 42,5 /0 retr 46,7 /22 retr
1Gbit eth receiver 119 /377 retr 93,5 /196 retr 123 /50 retr
1Gbit eth sender 62,6 /0 retr 41,9 /0 retr 241 /0 retr

Conclusions: Current snapshot has significant throughput regression compared to ancient LEDE 4.4.32 kernel. @pc2005's performance patches makes it more than 1,3x faster on ethernet receiving speed and more than 5,7x (!) faster on sending speed.
Great ethernet performance increase noted.
This patches also gives ~10-25% WiFi performance increase.

Now about dark side. DSL driver is found extremely unstable on both current snapshots, patched and unpatched. DSL traffic fully stops in few minutes uptime. This traffic stall can be fixed on next few minutes by
ifconfig dsl0 down ; ifconfig dsl0 up


@pc2005 great thanks i do a short try on my Easybox-904xDSL with

-march=mips32r2 -mmt -mdsp -mtune=34kc

It looks fine, but more builds and more test take a littlebit time i will do it the next weeks

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