How can one use a more up-to-date ath10k-ct firmware and modules, etc

In digging to the laggy wifi I described here on these forums, I opened #136 against ath10k-ct on github. One of the developers replied to me in the gist of my dmesg output

That is a pretty old firmware, and I've made a lot of fixes since then. Can you try latest openwrt please?

I believe he as referring to the ath10k-ct firmware (19.07.3 is using ath10k-firmware-qca9984-ct - 2019-10-03-d622d160-1 and kmod-ath10k-ct - 4.14.180+2019-09-09-5e8cd86f-1). How can I test out a more updated version? Is it just the firmware package and kernel module I need or does this require me to compile the entire image from git and flash it to my R7800? Is it more modular than that, ie is there a repo to which I point opkg and run these two on top of 19.07.3? Thanks!

You can try a build for master, which has the updated -ct drivers and ath10k-ct firmware.

(As you have R7800, you could try also my community build.)

I am happy to try your community build. I assume the ones you posted about here.

To which subfolder would you direct me? owrt1907-r11086-ab7e9754df-20200525? I assume the corresponding *sysupgrade.bin.

Newb question: once flashed, will opkg therein be setup to pull modules and packages that will work with the new build? On my system, I always reinstall the following after an update:

kmod-usb-storage kmod-fs-f2fs block-mount rsyncd luci-app-sqm

Final newbie question: if the build is unstable, I assume downgrading to 19.07.3 is as trivial as reflashing the corresponding bin, yes?


No. That is openwrt-19.07.
To master builds.
Most recent ath10k-ct build for master branch is master-r13313-6934b20912-20200520 like said on the community build thread:

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Here is the direct link to his latest master build with the latest CT driver. Just load the sysupgrade file via the gui and enjoy-

Thank you both the quick replies. I see now that @hnyman is updating the first post of this thread as the "community build thread." Can someone confirm my downgrade question? Ie, if there is instability or loss of functionality, is downgrading back to 19.07.3 as trivial as just flashing that sysupgrade image and restoring my 19.07.3 backup? Thanks.

I am constantly jumping between 19.07.x and master (as I test all my builds). Normal sysupgrade works ok.

There are no significant differences in config for the normal system and packages.

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Thank you for confirming! I see that for me, the only missing piece might be kmod-fs-f2fs but I can reformat my external USB to ext4 for this to avoid needing the f2fs support.

Try master for a bit and see what you think.

After running master for a good while - haven’t had any problems, appreciate the quick updates.... don’t really see a need to ever go back to 19.07. :grin:

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Got it running just fine, thanks all.

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