How can I setup PPTP client while OpenWrt as bridge ap?

Hi, I'm a noob and no nothing about network and tired of nonstop googling for almost 2 days.
I have two devices. first one is MikroTik SXTsq 5 AC (connected to internet throw PPPoE with DHCP range and it's IP address is connected by ethernet to the secondary device Xiaomi Mi Router 3G (with OpenWRT v18.06.02 and the IP address is and disabled DHCP server).
Now I want to set up my OpenWRT device as Bridge Access Point mode for connecting my clients to the internet throw WiFi. I have no problem so far but I want to create a PPTP VPN connection interface (due to weak SoC I can't take advantage of OpenVPN) to access blocked sites and services by my ISP (I live in a 3rd world country) for just one of my Wireless SSIDs (This device have 2.4/5GHz radio and I don't want my whole traffic go throw VPN connection. for example 2.4GHz SSID for VPN use and 5GHz SSID for normal use)

What should I do now? I use this tutorial but in the end, however the PPTP connection was created and showed as connected, but I couldn't achieve blocked sites because I think my internet traffic won't go throw PPTP interface and I don't know why?
So is that possible to create PPTP connection when OpenWRT configed as bridge ap and if the answer is yes how can I manage to just get connect to VPN with only 2.4GHz SSID?

Your question isn't quite clear in what you understand under the term "bridge AP", the potential solutions for this might be:

That aside, is not a valid private IP address (RFC 1918), it's publicly assigned to -and in use by- Cloudflare, you can't use it as DHCP range in your home network (at least not without quite some problems arising from that).

Thank you for responding,
I changed my DHCP server range to, Thanks for your advice slh
I set up OpenWRT as DumbAP and my problem is I can't access internet throw PPTP VPN interface I created before. (picture below)

In Network/Diagnostics Traceroute reveal that traffic goes from PPTP interface first but with my client (my laptop with WiFi) my internet traffic doesn't go throw PPTP VPN.

It doesn't appear you've added VPN_6 to a Firewall Zone.