How can i setup OpenWrt for a MediaBox IPTV

Hello OpenWrt , im from Republic Of Moldova and today i decided to start using OpenWrt . Also before installing the OpenWrt on my TP-Link Archer C6U . I wanna know how i could setup the IPTV for my media box , these are my ISP settings for IPTV :

I know isnt a hard work but i want all the details directly before doing it , to not have problems.

Hello. I'm from Romania :slight_smile: first of all you shouldn't worry about having problems with openwrt as you can revert back to original tplink fw if openwrt is too much.
but yes - openwrt support everything you need to setup your IPTV - VLANs and priority (dscp)
you should be prepared for a few hours up to a day downtime for your iptv service while you configure openwrt for your service
you can use this wiki as your starting point
but for dscp I can't really help as I haven't configured that myself - I'm sure there are others that can help

All i have to do as ik its just to set up the VLAN's , that's everything for iptv , but my question is : does openwrt come with iptv pre-installed or i do have to install it by myself just like GUI ?

what you need to configure, are the VLANs, there's no such thing as "install iptv".
there might be additional packages required to make it work, but those can be installed
post flash via the webUI.

if you haven't done this kind of work/config in the past, it could be a PITA.

I can work easy with the terminal , but im new tp openwrt so im interested in the packages that i need

Well.. i do have problems in creating the interfaces and VLAN's ...

More details - what problems?

As i understood i need to create some devices and interfaces for iptv ... well i tried to do it by watching this video on youtube , but it doesnt work for me , when i create the bridge he does in the video for the WAN interface , im just not getting my ip addres . So i left it be default , skipped that part and went to the IPTV interface creation .. i did everything as it should be , but when im turning my IPTV on on my TV it gives me the error: Fail to retrive IP addres from DHCP server

Also for the new WAN conn he tells me PPPoE.... it requires a PAP/CHAP username and password , but i dont have any of these

Then use dhcp default don't set anything for wan - does it work?

I did , it doesnt ... . I just used the default DHCP client .. did not changed it to PPPoE .

So you don't know how your isp provides you the connection. Can't help you here. Do you have a screenshot of original fw wan config?

Here are the WAN Settings from the original Router.