How can I select all packages?


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It has all the packages!

There must be some setting.
I have to select click and click?

That's sad!

Please help!



If you want to build all packages:

If that's not what you want, please describe more in detail what you want to achieve.

i would like to get the .config for the lede 17.01.2 packages, becasue i have to select by hand and i don't know what i do, i am sure there must be there how i can build from the 17.01.2 and it generates all the packages including mysql, nano, mc and so many on the web site, but when i build it it is just the core packages.

i selected the:

select all target specific packages by default"
"select all kernel module packages by default"
"select all userspace packages by default

but i didn't build the ones from the lede stable packages. :frowning:

How are you?
Well, meaning, without having to select from the menu or select PACKAGES="pg1 pg2 pgN", I just want to build all packages without having to choose.
I have a built ones (with * , not M), but the rest would be installed as a Moduel installable. There must be something to do it, instead do it manually. Doesn't it?

Sometimes it selects all but can't find that menu or even a argument, do you what I mean?

I guess the:

seems to work.
But still testing. Thanks! It was on the bottom of .

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you really can't build with all packages, because there are some packages that
conflict with each other.

you may be able to build them as loadable packages (M), but you can't build both
conflicting packages with (Y)

so now way to do it automatic, just manual?
CONFIG_ALL=M would work?

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