How can I refresh/reload list of packages in Luci?

I have fresh-installed LEDE on my WD My Net 750 router. The first time i was on , I saw a button to get the list of packages. After a moment, I saw a log saying that it couldn't download X, Y or Z, because of internet connectviity issues (I'm on a spotty internet connection). So how can I force a reload/refresh of the package list?

You can always manually issue the command from the CLI (Command Line Interface) using SSH:
opkg update

This sounds strange. I have the feeling that this button might be programmed to disappear from the GUI as soon as you click it and that the work is done, unconditionally from the result of that update. Just a feeling thought.

Did you try to log out, close the browser and try again ?

@DjiPi, thanks for your reply. I think you are correct to feel that way. I
closed the browser tab, and logged in from a different tab. The button was
gone . Looks like it's a one-time (i.e. one-press) button.

Same behaviour here, and there is an indication that it's updatable after 24 hours:

Definitively the case, there is a condition in Luci to render the button only when there is no items or that the list is older than 24 hours.

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Good find @DjiPi!