How can i program or schedule wifi hours?

I have recently a dumb ap connected by cable to the main router whit DHCP server active, but when I try to enter through the static ip configured in the main router it simply does not enter to interface luci.

the thing its that i what to program operating hours in the dumb ap, for example: from 8am to 9pm every day

Just install luci-app-wifischedule. If you want to do it oldschool and have simple needs you could use cron also:

crontab -e
0 24 * * * /sbin/wifi down
0 08 * * * /sbin/wifi restart

ok and how can i use that? where can put that?

ok thanks im gonna to look for it :wink:

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have you could know why i cannot enter to the openwrt thourgth the static ip from the main router?

Did you missed the step to disable the firewall (on the dumb ap ofc)?

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Either web interface is not working for some reason, or the device has another IP.
Try to log in using command-line interface:

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It is not a dumb AP if the DHCP server is active, and a source of issues if ithe nterfaces are bridged. You probably configured as a router, and now you are trying to entre through the WAN port, which is closed unless you opened it explicitly.


mmm it posible because i never read something about the firewall

ok aim gonna readi it thamnks

no the dhc it active in the main router whitch have an static ip to the openwrt dumb ap, and its conected througth the lan port

Follow this guide to configure your device properly:


wow thanks thats what i was looking for..

i whish that i can understand it

Well, to understand this you need at least knowledge about OpenWrt itself and networking in general.

  • Basic configuration
  • LuCI web interface
  • Network configuration

Ofc not all and not very deep like burned into your brain. If you follow the guide I've linked you basically just have to edit some files and execute some commands on command line using a SSH connection.

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oh thanks gonna read it to!