How can i make my own proxy SOCKS4/SOCKS5?

Hi, I want to create SOCKS4/5 proxy server on my Openwrt router and share the proxy server to my friend to make sure that me and my friend will use same IP address. like

Thanks in advance
(Xiomi 4A global giga version custom Openwrt firmware)


Good to have friends, too !

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How can i install and setup Redsocks? Can you send me the full process? I am new on OpenWRT.

I changed the post.

Since you're using a custom openwrt version, I'm not sure what packages you have available.

Web server are in general socks capable.
Apache and Lighttpd do it, but I'm not sure the Openwrt versions can, and especially not the version you're using.

I did check, my current version of Openwrt support and available Apache, Lighttpd and Redsocks. Can you send me an instruction of Redsocks setup with the command?

Not sure redsocks is the right tool for you.

I'd rather use apache, and it's mod_proxy.

Okay. send me the Apache instruction, Please?

Quicker method.

have you buddy ssh into your router, then set the socks5 proxy to localhost:port on his end.

Sorry, it's been a long week :confused:

What are you trying to proxy anyway, sure a http proxy isn't good enough ?

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So, your plan is to leave a SOCKS proxy open to the internet...? That's a very bad idea!

I would use a VPN instead.