How can I Make a Device Profile for WAVLINK WL-WN532N2

I've decided to compile for and possibly brick my WAVLINK WL-WN532N2 router.
Could you please make a build profile for this inexpensive yet adorable router, please?

You are the only one who owns that device, which means you're the only one who could work on it. With very, very few exceptions, porting OpenWrt to a new devices requires hands on access to device, with serial console access at least - and even then it takes quite some efforts to find out what the vendor has done (firmware format, firmware updater, GPIO assignments, DTS, etc.) before porting can even begin, just "making a build profile" is not possible.

Given that there appear to be virtually no information about the device's internals published, it's not even obvious if the device would theoretically be supportable.