How can i increase packets per second for ip?

Can you try to disable it temporarily and check for any improvements?

these are packets after i disabled sqm > UDP, length 11
14:13:48.319265 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 44, id 8136, offset 0, flags [DF], proto UDP (17), length 98) > UDP, length 70
14:13:48.325927 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 64, id 52708, offset 0, flags [none], proto UDP (17), length 39) > UDP, length 11
14:13:48.352551 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 44, id 8167, offset 0, flags [DF], proto UDP (17), length 100) > UDP, length 72
14:13:48.359440 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 64, id 38907, offset 0, flags [none], proto UDP (17), length 39) > UDP, length 11
14:13:48.375726 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 64, id 55502, offset 0, flags [none], proto UDP (17), length 75) > UDP, length 47
14:13:48.386510 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 44, id 8201, offset 0, flags [DF], proto UDP (17), length 87)

and this is my tc qdisc:

qdisc noqueue 0: dev lo root refcnt 2
qdisc fq_codel 0: dev eth0 root refcnt 2 limit 10240p flows 1024 quantum 1514 target 5.0ms interval 100.0ms memory_limit 3 2Mb ecn
qdisc fq_codel 0: dev eth1 root refcnt 2 limit 10240p flows 1024 quantum 1514 target 5.0ms interval 100.0ms memory_limit 3 2Mb ecn
qdisc noqueue 0: dev br-wan root refcnt 2
qdisc fq_codel 1: dev pppoe-wan root refcnt 2 limit 9048p flows 1024 quantum 3030 target 200.0ms ce_threshold 200.0ms inte rval 100.0ms memory_limit 999Mb ecn
qdisc noqueue 0: dev br-lan root refcnt 2

I'm lost...what does MTU and packets per second have to do with small packet size?

If your game only makes small packets, ask Epic Games why that is. Perhaps there's latency to/from their servers?

What do you think is wrong with your router?

Did you see any improvement after you disabled it?
Not in the tcpdump, but in the game itself. If not, then I don't think it's the router that is limiting you.

With certain MTU you can have a definite PPS for a given line. But this is not the case here.

Out of curiosity @isslam, what good will it come if you manage to achieve 10 more pps in this game?
Could you post a video from youtube showing this?

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there is no difference,

all i want is the best possible experience in competitive gaming and i see pro players in youtube achieve from 50-60 packets per second while i am getting only from 40-50

this happens in every game not fortnite only

What router are you using? What are they using? What kind of line do they have?

You’re within 10-20% of “pro players” who may be spending much more on equipment and service.

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I don't think that the router is to blame on this one.

I found a video of a pro player. The bandwidth is very small, around 5Kb/s per direction. Incoming pps is between 30-40 and outgoing 50-70. When he is acting like crazy the pps goes up. When he is just walking around it goes down.

My guess is that you are not making so many fast moves in the game, so it doesn't produce so many outgoing packets.
Bottom line, it's not the router, it's your gameplay.


FPS player and openwrt user since 2000 here, I've gamed on 33.6 and 56K dial-up modems before OpenWrt existed. Your tests indicate one thing -

You're trying to find a solution to an issue that does not exist. You want lower latency for a superior gaming experience. Once you go past a certain stable bandwidth (<1Mbps), it's latency that counts assuming all the bandwidth is available for your game.

You don't need to push large PPS for FPS or most game type's really. Game state does not send a ton of data across to sync.

Test your theory - buy an inexpensive router that is capable of pushing a ton of PPS and you will see zero improvement in your game experience over the same ISP because the two are not related.


I don't play Fortnite, but this sounds plausible. Easily tested with some network packet tracing using tcpdump which OP has not done.

I'm wondering if the OP took my advice; and if so, why not.

They wrote the software and have a financial interest in their customers' satisfaction and enjoyable play experience. I see no reason why they wouldn't be prompt and diligent in answering you. There's also a Fortnite community on most common social networks - you'd definitely find someone who knows how to increase.

Next, you are the first person I've ever met that wants to increase a game's Packets Per Second rate; and not Frames Per Second.

Please provide a link; all the videos I've located are regarding obtaining 60 Frames Per Second. @trendy also asked you:

Are you sure that you have not confused the terms "frames" and "packets"?

If so, "frames" is this case does not refer to "Ethernet frames" - see:

You are the first to mention this; the OP makes no such correlation to FPS. You are correct. Since a packet contains things like: movements, coordinates, etc. - the PS4 is merely rendering the graphics from that data.

And you know how to decode the protocol Epic Games used - to determine any Layer 7 metrics?

(While awaiting the OP to provide more data, I discovered 3 other identical threads on this forum.)

@isslam, BTW, welcome to the community!

My problem is not with fps because i have ps4 and i gets 60 fps and i will take your advice maybe problem with their server by the way i used traceroute to their server and i got 13 * which is packet loss i assume and what test do i do with tcpdump??

I did traceroute to their server and i gets 13 * with 21 hops and what exactly do you want to do with tcpdump ?

Traceroutes are somewhat tricky to interpret.
Try opkg update ; opkg install mtr followed by mtr SAME.IP.YOU.TRACEROUTED.
And then only look at the loss and delay statistics of the final hop, intermediate hops often are routers, that only handle ICMP responses in their "spare time", which means ICMP packet generation is often rate-limited and running at low priority so that it does not interfere with the hop's main business.

Maybe copy and paste the mtr output into this thread if you require assistance in interpreting it.

maybe that games limit state-updates (pps) to either the client frame-rate or to the roundtriptime (latency).
for a 25ms connection this means 1000ms / 25ms = 40 pps (Hz) to always have one state-update on the fly.

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these are the output by mtr:

Keys:  Help   Display mode   Restart statistics   Order of fields   quit
                                                                                                                    Packets               Pings
 Host                                                                                                             Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
 1. hidden gateaway                                                                                                0.1%   778   31.6  34.4  29.9 367.3  23.7
 2.                                                                                                  0.0%   778   32.9  35.2  31.0 394.6  23.0
 3.                                                                                                   0.1%   778   33.2  34.6  30.7 359.0  19.9
 4.                                                                                                   0.0%   778   34.7  37.9  32.9 378.7  21.3
 5.                                                                                                    0.0%   778   35.4  39.7  34.8 497.1  28.3
 6.                                                                                                   0.0%   778   34.7  39.6  33.9 450.6  26.1
 7.                                                                                                  0.0%   778   36.3  40.1  34.7 400.9  24.5
 8.                                                                                                   0.0%   778   72.3  77.3  71.0 628.2  30.7
 9.                                                                                                    0.0%   778   75.3  82.2  71.7 583.1  29.2
10.                                                                                                    0.0%   778   74.3  78.3  72.1 536.3  25.4
11. ???
12.                                                                                                   0.1%   778   88.2  92.3  87.9 447.1  18.5
13.                                                                                                  0.0%   778   90.7  92.5  87.6 400.2  19.7
14. ???
15. ???
16.                                                                                                    0.0%   778   96.2 101.2  95.2 625.4  34.0
17.                                                                                                    0.1%   778   91.7  94.5  88.7 579.4  30.7
18.                                                                                                   0.0%   778   92.7  93.8  88.6 532.1  28.0
19.                                                                                                    0.0%   778   89.3  92.8  87.9 485.0  24.8
20. ???
21. ???
22. ???
23.                                                              0.1%   777   89.5  91.8  87.3 442.1  23.8
  • are thirteen routers DEEP within a network of private numbers
  • You removed a lot of data from the mtr output
  • There's gonna be more latency than normal, given there's at least eight routers performing NAT
  • The quality of your connection is not comparable to those of professional gamers

Those private IPs could be the backbone of the ISP. And there doesn't need to be performed NAT anywhere other than the OP's router.

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Agreed, this likely is true. I assumed since unassigned IPs were used too, that it's a possibility.

0.1% packetloss, not super great, but also no real issue (given that you even see the same amount on your hidden gateway.
Now the worst column is pretty bad though, (StDev and Avg-Best seemsto indicate that these extremes are relative rare, but still delays like this too often can cause issues with FPS-type games).

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