How can i Hard-reset Without re-flashing OpenWrt

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I am trying to re-flash(not Upgrade) OpenWrt via LuCI WebGUI but i am getting The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform. How can i fix this error ?. Should i follow this Guide. I would like to get the .trx file from openwrt instead of converting,to be on the safe side after all i only have one router.

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TP-Link Archer C20 AC750

Given your issue is a rejection of a specific file..... you kind of need to tell is where you got that file from.


I got it from the device page link Firmware OpenWrt install URL: link.
C20 V4.

You need to use the Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade URL: for your device if openwrt is aleady installed even if you are flashing the same release.

Look in the device tech data for your device for the correct firmware[Model*~]=C20

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Would that get rid of all the packages that i have installed ?. If so then ill try but that upgrade file is the same format would it work ?

If you just want to reset to default settings just use LUCI and go to
System->Backup Flash/Fimware
Then select Perform Reset under Restore Section

My main reason is that i have installed packages that i dont want now when i uninstall no space frees up. So a re-flash should the trick next time ill have to be careful while installing packages i already backed up configs so no worries there.

perform reset from Luci will achieve your goal.

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Luci Perform reset is equivalent to soft reset

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