How can I hack this model? Technicolor TD5130v2

Hi there! Eerything is good? Well, How can I hack(firmware upgrade) this Technicolor TD5130v2? I could not find the firmware to upgrade on this forum. I really appreciate if you guys help me out to fix that. Is there any compatible firmware for this model? I wanna install the OpenWrt.

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Not Found:[Model*~]=TD5130

Also, you posted here (I was gonna suggest the Developer or Hardware Sections - you found it already):

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Sorry, 'not found'

Old Realtek SoC, there's no official support for it in OpenWrt.


How? I go outside from here? I gonna look it up for it!

You need to bring up support for a new architecture (there's old forks floating around). Unless you are a skilled low level programmer (and even then) you'll have a lot of work cut out for you. This involves lots of work.