How can I exclude the 2.4ghz from my NordVPN connection?

Hi all,

Previously posted and got everything up and working on my router, and it’s been solid as a rock and working great.

The other issues I’m having are with my mesh Wi-Fi network not playing well with a few different devices. What I’m hoping to do is turn off VPN access for the 2.4ghz Wi-Fi radio.

I’m sure it’s simple but I really don’t want to screw something up. I’m comfortable making CLI changes or via the LUCI interface.

Thanks in advance!

Generally you'd create an independent "IoT" network with a separate AP and its own direct forwarding to the Internet. Firewall rules to block the IoT's from any of your other stuff and limit the bandwidth.

Thanks so much for the reply!

That sounds like it makes sense, but I’m afraid it’s a little confusing for me, I’m not sure exactly where to start with the process. Unfortunately I’m a few leagues behind in my technical prowess

Just wondering if anyone would be willing to help walk me through the process of this? I’m in a bit of a bind and while I could for now turn off the VPN as a whole, it would make things a bit more complicated.

Thanks as always in advance.