How can I disable IPV6 on the latest stable release?

I searched up a couple posts and found some recent entries with links to superuser with commands to run. however, the commands completely break the router leading to a factory reset. I attempted it three times with the same result. IPV6 is a privacy nightmare, I don't want my ISP having any sort of unique identifiers I can't change at my whim easily so that means IPV6 is out.

What is the proper way to disable IPV6 spyware/malware on mvebu OpenWrt 21.02.3?

Here is what didn't work, I ran the commands line by line

uci -q delete dhcp.lan.dhcpv6
uci -q delete dhcp.lan.ra
uci commit dhcp
/etc/init.d/odhcpd restart
uci -q delete network.lan.ip6assign
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart

All ip addresses are unique identifiers you can’t change at will.

If you don’t want to use v6 just disable it on your wan interface.

Your isp will still know your v4 address.

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Or you simply ensure privacy extension are used and if you need to lower the lifetime of a DHCPv6 lease and slaac addresses. Or if your thread level is really that high consider a VPN connection from your client device to a remote server.
Personally I just don't get it. Complaining that your ISP knows your IP addresses is like complaining that your Mobil carrier knows your phone number. I just can't follow this reasoning.