How can I disable "Compile the kernel with debug filesystem"?

Hi, guys.
I have spent a number of hours to find out the option which would result the option "Compile the kernel with debug filesystem" automatically checked.

I am very confused , why must there be a "DEBUG" filesystem, eventhough in a stable image building ?
How can i uncheck this option ?
Thanks for any suggestion!

Navigate to this option, press "shift" + "?" and you will see why this option is enabled (selected by).

If i´m right, it is enabled because of generic wireless driver interface (mac80211). Could be that luci or uci get some information out of debugfs.

Is it safe to disable it for a small image size.

I wanted to disable it too, but I think it is turned on by kernel debugging among other things. There seemed to be no way to disable kernel debugging; I could not find one.

Thank u very much!
I resolved it as your advice.
It is auto-checked by selecting "kmod-80211***" as you saying.
Thank you again!

"Kernel Module" -> "Wireless Drivers" -> "kmod-80211" -> "Export mac80211 internals in DebugFS"
Uncheck it.
then, you can go back and uncheck the "debug fs" option.

Does it affect your wireless configs via UCI?

I had never a problem with disabling debugfs and wifi