How can i delete one file in root folder?

Hi my minidlna server stopped working.

After deinstalling i get message : config file is stored in root folder.

I want a clean install. But it will everytime place the same config if i dont delete that file.

Does anybody know how to delete in that folder?

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You can just ssh in and run -

rm /etc/config/minidlna

That will remove the entire minidlna config folder, you'll have a new one if you reinstall.

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thanks i will give a try . Do you know a command for me : after plugging a usb drive to scan for new files without rebooting the Router?


  • How would the system determine which ones are "new"?
  • Why do have to reboot the router to scan for those files now?

yesterday i plugged in a large usb . After that my minidlna stopped. i have to delete the config and set it new. i wont scan even the old usb which i setted before.

Run mount to see if your drive mounted into the filesystem. You may need to edit /etc/config/fstab.

I think minidlna is built with the assumption that you will always use the same drive.

how do i run mount? with which command?

The command is: mount

i cant connect to putty . Why ? my router is Port 22 in luci . Do i have to restart to get working this?

wow thanks for the commands. Now my minidlna wont scan my files. Why?

is there a command to do that?

Possibly that whatever config was there when you installed MiniDLNA was removed, so it has no config.

I'd either configure it by hand, or; remove it, delete its config directory, and reinstall so that its "base" configuration is created.