How can I cross compile iperf3 for OpenWrt?

I would like to run iperf3 on my OpenWRT radio. This radio does not have access to internet. I am looking to cross compile iperf3 to run on this device. How do I go about it?


iperf3 is already available as a package in Openwrt


This might be a very straight forward question. How do I download the package, say on my laptop, and then copy it into the OpenWRT device using something like scp?

I don't have access to internet from the OpenWRT device itself.

Do exactly what you suggested: download the .ipk and scp it to your router. Then use opkg to install the file

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Thanks! And to be clear, where does opkg expect .ipk files?

opkg install ./<filename>.ipk
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Thanks so much!