How Can i Connect to 2 Ssid s Simultaneously

i am in client mode on openwrt and need to connect it to 2 wifi ssids at the same time.

both ssids are on the same channel and have the same name.

actually one gets grayed out when openwrt connect to the other. any workaround?

If that is possible in the first place depends on the individual hardware (its interface combinations, as indicated by iw list).

Personally I don't know any chipset that would handle two STA interfaces at the same time - and concurrently tuning into multiple channels (DFS) with a single radio isn't possible either way.

what is an iw list

i tried to remove the networks and add them again now they will connect simultaneously. if i bridge them the other will gray out and disable permanently, if i remove bridge they wont work back at the same time no matter what i do... only way to re enable simultaneous connection is to restore my backup settings.

Whats the Story ??

  • You'll likely have to specify the BSSID
  • You may want to mesh on AdHoc connections and use a protocol like OLSR instead - depending on the problem you're trying to solve

Can you explain why you're trying to do this?

Maybe there's a more standard solution to your problem.


you mean connecting as client by specifying bssid instead of ssid with specific mac addresses ?
have no clue "mesh on adhoc ...olsr " whats that for ?

there are 2 weak signals of 2 public ap . need to connect to both to get more bandwidth.
already installed directional antennas but still poor

No, I mean both SSID and BSSID. Technically, BSSID is not a MAC, but yes.

It's a set of technologies usually used when someone wants to connect to more than one wireless device at once - Mesh Wireless Networking. This won't work since you're trying to "hack" a public AP.

That won't work like you seem to believe; and this is not how to do such a thing. It will not give you "more bandwidth." In fact, you're (or the public WiFi provider is) halving bandwidth in your area by running 2 SSIDs on the same channel.

Also, if you connect to the same physical LAN despite it being 2 different SSIDs, you will experience other quirky issues.

its not a real hack as they are pubblic but require regular subscriprion and monthly fee that i pay.
any ideas on how to get more signal

Move closer or get some expensive antennas and feed lines.

I think he means that they are slow, not weak.