How can I connect my TP link mr 600 to the internet, using Fritzbox settings?

I have FritzBox settings from my ISP and I want to connect using TP LINK Archer MR600....

The settings are as follows...

In the router: Internet / access data -> Other Internet providers -> Other Internet providers -> enter “BBV Internet”. -> Connection -> Select “External modem or router”. -> Select “Set up your own internet connection”. -> Password can be any -> User name e.g. for Fritzbox 7490 "bbv-ftth-7490" -> for other routers simply enter "bbv-ftth-Router". -> Password must not be left blank, enter at least 5 characters -> Connection settings -> Select “Hold permanently”. -> IMPORTANT! Enter “7” for “VLAN for Internet access” VLAN ID -> It is best to enter transmission speeds as 1000 Apply or save and you're done! BBV Internet should be running -> possibly restart all devices again (de-energize for 10 seconds)

hopefully, Someone helps me!

thankyou very much Advance.

Is your mr600 running OpenWrt?

Damn! I am sorry, Its just the normal one.

can you please help me? Is it possible?

If you're using the TP-Link vendor firmware, you'll need to ask TP-Link or related forums. We don't really know the details of vendor firmware.

So if I update the firmWare to openWRT will the setup be easier? Can you please guide me for it.