How can i aggregate multi wan ports?

I want to aggregate multi wan ports to get an added output speed

You can use mwan3 for this purpose.

That said, any individual connection will still be limited by the maximum connection speed of a single wan connection. In order to directly add the two speeds, you need bonding, which is not a trivial thing and usually requires the cooperation of the ISP (and it needs to be the same ISP in the vast majority of cases).

So, imagine you have 2x 200Mbps links...

  • when load-balancing two connections (and not bonding) a speed test would only be able to provide 200Mbps total bandwidth, just like if you ran a speed test with just one connection. But you could actually run 2 simultaneous speed tests and you'd get 200Mbps on each, meaning that the total simultaneous throughput is, in fact, 400Mbps.
  • when working with a bonded pair, you would be able to achieve 400Mbps from a single speed test, but as mentioned earlier, bonding is more complicated and has external dependencies.


i want to aggregate multi wan ports and make bonding of them to get added speed , how can i configure to enslave the ports and make it happen?
kindly provide me all the steps involves in this

You can search the forums for bonding ISP and you'll find a bunch of stuff... here is one:

You'll also need hardware that has enough internal bandwidth to handle the combined throughput you expect.... depending on what hardware you have and what speeds you're getting from your ISP, you may need to upgrade your router.


only tell me the configuration required on the openwrt for this purpose.
configuration for bonding the eth1 and eth0 ports, firstly i made bridge between eth0 and eth1 port . now tell me the next steps required for bondage.

isn't that exactly what the thread @psherman liked to, do ?