How can changes be saved permanently?

Hello to all friends. I am Mahdi.
I installed it openwrt on my router router is wr841n v13 and version openwrt 19.07.4
This is the first time I want to use this operating system. But since I am a beginner and I do not have much information, working with Openwrt is very difficult for me, please help me.

1-Save settings forever
My first problem is that I like to change the values permanently so that they do not change after a complete reset. Because resetting a lot of things is time consuming for me and finding the code is tedious.

2-How to turn on Wireless & wps button by default.
I like these features to be enabled by default after each reset. And if necessary, disable it from the settings. And after each reset, do not disable it by default.

3-How to change wireless network name
How to change the network name by default from Openwrt to the desired name. So that it does not change again after resetting.

4-How to create a Wireless network password for the network by default
The wireless network does not have a password by default, but I would love to have the password on the back of my router by default.

5-How to change the " root " username and password to " admin " once and for all
On the back of my router is written the username and password of the admin. I would love to change it to the default word on the back of my router which is the admin.

I would be very grateful if my friends would help.

Well, nothing survives reset, that's the whole point of reset ,)

But you can make a backup/export of all your settings, and restore them again after the reset.

Might not be doable for the admin user though.


Only diamonds last forever.

Reset or reboot? The point of reset is to erase the changes and switch back to factory defaults. If the changes however don't survive a reboot, then you might have issues with available flash space.

Sorry to ask again, but do you mean reboot? I don't see why someone would reset that often.

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You can place your configs into a custom firmware build.

Same as No. 1.



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