How can block ads on OpenWrt router?

I am want to block ads on openwrt router, but I prefer to download code instead of using external device device.
So, how can I do this and where Can I find this code ?


adblock didn't block ad on youtube, I need a code or using iptables to block all ads including youtube.

It is not possible to completely block YouTube ads with DNS-based content filter.
This requires a browser-based content filter like uBlock Origin.
I want an YT adblocker - #10 by tmomas

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There is a WIP of AdGuardTeam about a content filter proxy.

It is more a POC like than a ready to use tool but it may be good to know…
Here is my own test feedback on OpenWrt ;

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how can I block this site using iptables commands:

pretty sure iptables work with IPs, not host names ....

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