Hourly time limit's / reward system for kids

Is there any packages specifically for kids to set time usage per day?

I have set up time control firewall rules so the internet only works between specific times but I would like to also limit usage between those times to say 3 hours per day or maybe rx data limits on the Wan interface.
some thing much like the parental controls on the xbox family or google family link.

ultimatly it would be cool if I could asign tasks to kids and give them a reward of time extentions to the internet by doing chores they could accept tasks and once completed it could reward them with air time.

Probably nodogsplash

You will need to implement a binauth script to validate a token that you have printed out for example and kids can sign in and access the internet and have time restrictions

I got started on similar but it got rather complicated as the traffic level is too far down to see what is happening.

I used MAC filtering on devices to send games PC, Xbox, etc into a set of rules with time limits. I wanted to look at actual duration of use so some self-discipline to use (say) 3h per day was used rather than me saying it's 4pm-7pm.

But devices will pull down updates to OS, games, etc so even high levels of traffic doesn't necessarily mean "play", let alone filtering out the "heartbeat" type chatter with game servers, etc that is fairly constant.

One thing that sort of works is byte quotas from YouTube servers, but to implement it I'm using squid proxy. And the kids are always using crap quality and getting more time (honestly a lot of the time it's just the videos they watch are uploaded at crap quality)

It's a hard problem actually.

I found rate limiting to be a semi-successful approach to allowing updates and things to "leak" through, but throttle the link such that it's be useless for anything interactive:

iptables -A games_time_check -m limit --limit 3600/hour --limit-burst 1200 -j RETURN

Not sure I had the 3600 and 1200 optimised there, but it gives OP a starting point if you want to try it.

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