Hot to enable wifi after reset the router?

The place where I use this router doesn't have a PC, so I need wifi to configure it. Everytime I reset the router, all the wifi are disabled by default.
Is there anyway to auto enable wifi after a reset?

I think you would need to build a custom image that has the wifi on by default.

Alternatively, if you have a tablet that has a USB port, you could possibly get a USB to Ethernet adapter. You can find a cheap one for a few dollars. I didn't test it on a mobile phone with an OTG adapter.


Another option would be to use an old AP or wifi router as a middleman.

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Do you really mean reset like in "restarting the router" or reset like "return to initial configuration" ?

If you mean restarting the router, then something is wrong with your configuration if WiFi doesn't restart upon reboot.

If not, then @Hegabo suggestion of custom build with your custom defaults looks appealing to me.

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Thank you for all your replies! I just built a snapshot and it enables wifi when I reset the router. But I still want to enable wifi for STABLE(not snapshot) version if it's possible.

You need to build your own version of the stable release if you want wifi enabled in the flashed image (so that wifi survives a full reset).

Either build your own from scratch, or use the imagebuilder, but in both cases add your personal wifi-enabling wireless config file as a "custom file".

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I just keep wondering how often you need to reset the router! Therefore, I feel I should re-iterate @DjiPi's question before, before you get into the trouble of building an image:

Not that often, but it's installed on the ceiling which is 8m tall!

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If you can’t fish an Ethernet cable there, you could install an Ethernet Over Powerline and control the device from another location using LAN.

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