Hostnames missing on most devices

I see host name for only a few of my connected devices. Why is that? Can i get more hostnames included somehow?

root@OpenWrt:~# cat /tmp/dhcp.leases
1678502091 82:xx:21:xx:90:xx * 01:xx:2e:xx:e9:xx:xx
1678502106 52:xx:52:xx:72:xx * 01:xx:32:xx:5b:xx:xx
1678501862 5e:xx:11:xx:ac:xx * 01:xx:33:xx:e5:xx:xx
1678501861 5a:xx:a5:xx:77:xx * 01:xx:60:xx:fc:xx:xx
1678501845 26:xx:92:xx:8a:xx * 01:xx:ed:xx:18:xx:xx
1678499961 ba:xx:13:xx:e2:xx * 01:xx:7d:xx:9a:xx:xx
1678501012 96:xx:30:xx:90:xx * 01:xx:04:xx:92:xx:xx
1678498249 aa:xx:23:xx:fa:xx * 01:xx:7f:xx:0d:xx:xx
1678501865 88:xx:df:xx:2c:xx iMac 01:xx:63:xx:9b:xx:xx
1678501874 30:xx:a7:xx:ff:xx M2020W 01:xx:cd:xx:ed:xx:xx

Thanks in advance!


If the host devices don't advertise it in the dhcp request messages, your other option is to create static leases and add the name manually.


Thanks for the suggestion. However, before i flashed OpenWRT, most devices, e.g. iPhones, iPad, laptops etc. had hostnames visible in the Linksys stock firmware. What am i missing?

I've noticed that this can be a bit flaky. When new devices connect, they're often missing a hostname - but it can appear at a later date.

I now add a static address for every new device on my network.

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You can run a tcpdump first to verify that a device is sending the hostname. Because it's visible that some devices have a hostname and others don't.

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