Hostapd-openssl not in base feed for 18.06.0

I am trying to build from the 18.06.0 source. (I need to use openssl 1.0.2)
My feed.conf:

src-git base^03b693064b6ad85ce9c57ab0226b986b09c8eb05
src-git packages^8bf5fc17db6072549a4e3bd8230d7962364f2043
src-git luci^6df9a57ef0773c7158dadbb5054a58cb3d70c621
src-git routing^1b9d1c419f0ecefda51922a7845ab2183d6acd76
src-git telephony^88b12368f11f3feeefcd4dcbe54f21159b8356c1

When I try ./scripts/feeds install hostapd-openssl I get a 'No feed for package ..."
If I am at the head to the 18.06 branch it installs and builds.

For the base feed, I am using the commit hash specified here:;a=commit;h=03b693064b6ad85ce9c57ab0226b986b09c8eb05

Do I need to use a different commit hash for the base feed?
Thanks in advance.