Hostapd not logging

hi, i tried to setup detailed logging for hostapd (logger=-1 or 127, log_level=0) following and confirmed the change in /var/run/hostapd-phy1.conf (for second wlan), restared the wifi, but cant see ANY logs regarding hostapd .. there are some scarce wlan0 wlan1 logs by kernel but that's all

From the wiki:

Note that recent versions of openwrt ship with a version of hostapd which has verbose debug messages disabled in order to save on space

Did you rebuild the hostapd package with verbose debug messages?

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no i didnt do that. and im not sure actually how to rebuild it.. that part of wiki under the note that is strike-trough is not valid i suppose?

The note about the wpad-debug package is obsolete, you have to rebuild hostapd yourself.

To build a single package (and not the whole firmware image), I suggest to use the SDK.

The option to enable verbose debug messages in wpad or hostapd is
Network -> Minimum debug message priority.