Hostapd event for probe request


Is there a way to get notification from hostapd when there is a probe request or association request. I want to see which client is asking and based on the rssi I want to decide if hostapd should associate or not.

I know how to get notification from hostapd after a client is associated but I am looking for something before the association.


is the above ^ even possible?


I have been working on the same concept of making hostapd ignore weak stations. Please check this out, see if it makes any sense to you, and try to compile and run it.

The code is based on the ubus extension to hostapd. Part of that extension intercepts all probes, authentications, and associations and drops them if the station's MAC is on a banned list. So I have added a signal level check to that routine.

I realize this is almost certainly not the way to post a modified package for distribution. Advice from real developers is welcome.

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Yeah u can do this.
Just suscribe to hostapd via ubus and then u can return with different values...

Do you have a link for the notification part?