Hostapd-common 2019-08-08-ca8c2bd2-9 breaks RPI4

I've been using OpenWRT installed from openwrt-brcm2708-bcm2711-rpi-4-ext4-factory.img for a few weeks now. It's been working pretty well. I decided to run a few updates and it broke pretty bad. I spent a good chunk of last night and a few hours this afternoon trying to figure out which update was breaking things. I'm not entirely convinced that this is the only package causing problems, but the hostapd-common breaks every time in a testable way.

Upgrading hostapd-common on root from 2019-08-08-ca8c2bd2-6 to 2019-08-08-ca8c2bd2-9...

Once I run that update and reboot, I will absolutely lose access to the device via wifi. Absolutely nothing I do will enable wifi with this update. I can't find anything in the logs either. The wifi simply will not enable no matter what I try.

I need to get this wireless working again for now, but I'm planning on picking up another SD card so that I can test more. Especially if there's something specific that I can test for someone. It would be nice to have something I can roll back to before I poke at this problem any more. :slight_smile: