Hostapd_cli not found for Linksys E8450

Hello members,
I have flashed my Linksys E8450 to an openwrt version. However hostapd_cli returns "hostapd_cli: not found". While trying to use "opkg install hostapd-utils" returns package unavailable. Can you please help to get hostapd_cli access for the AP.

Version used: OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r17114-349e2b7e65

Thanks in advance!


# opkg search $(which hostapd_cli)
hostapd-utils - 2021-05-22-b102f19b-62

no, it didn't helped. There is no hostapd_cli in /usr/sbin/

Maybe included in hostapd-common?

List of all hosapd related packages avaiable for the 21.02.1 release -

Since snapshots are experimental, stuff can come and go.