Horrible loading times with flow offloading enabled

Hi everyone, I got a linksys_mr8300 router the other day and installed openwrt on it today. Everything works fine except for this. with flow offloading disabled I get 250mbit in a speedtest but with it enabled I get the full 500mbit. The only issue is with flow offloading on I get HORRIBLE page loading times. It takes 20+ seconds to load a google search.

is this a hardware limitation or is there a setting i can change?

gif showing loading times

I had the same problem with software flow offloading on my mr8300, it seemed to affect pages with images/videos the most in my case, pages that were mostly text seemed to work fine, never found a solution so I assume it's a limitation with the mr8300 (eventually returned mine).

Using a map-ac2200, I can achieve around 375 MBit/s without software flow-offloading, to achieve full speed of my line software flow-offloading (in master) gets me to (slightly above) my contractual limits of around 430 MBit/s - no slowdowns noticed.