Hope to add dm kmod to the img by default

I'm the developer of Ventoy (www.ventoy.net). I add support to OpenWrt in the latest release.
So we can just copy the OpenWrt img file to the USB stick and boot it through Ventoy.
But Ventoy needs the dm-mod module which is not included in the img by default.
So I have to provide a package to collect dm-mod file for all the versions. (https://github.com/ventoy/OpenWrtPlugin/releases)

So I hope dm-mod can be included into the img file in the future OpenWrt release.
Thanks for everybody.

How big is the mod?

Take 21.02.0-rc1 x86_64 for example, two ko files are needed:
dax.ko 25KB
dm-mod.ko 145KB

The ko files are included in the following packges: