HooToo TM-02 Issues with Luci Networking

I have installed firmware 170-r2032 (lede-ramips-rt305x-ht-tm02-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin) onto my HooToo TM-02 as an upgrade from CC 15.05.

The install appeared to go well. The device has a single Ethernet port configured as LAN and no WAN network config in the delivered LEDE config (expected).

I transferred Luci files to the tmp and installed Luci. I then attempted to configure a wireless STAtion. After selecting the STAtion and selecting Join I entered the SSID key on the first page, saved and proceeded to the second page, where I accepted the defaults, followed by Save and Apply.

The STAtion, did not connect. Going back to the config for the wireless I observed that the tab for Wireless Security (Network=>Wireless=>Interface Configuration) was set with Encryption WPA2-PSK, but the tab displayed a number of fields relevant to “Radius”.

The iface was configured as follows:

config wifi-iface option network 'wwan' option ssid 'Excalibur' option encryption 'psk2' option device 'radio0' option mode 'sta' option bssid '' option key '1' option eap_type 'tls' option auth 'PAP'

I am unclear if this is a change from previous versions of OpenWrt or a bug.

I also noticed that under the interfaces, (Network=>Interfaces => WWAN or LAN => Edit => General Setup) I am presented with a “Really Switch Protocol?” button when I have not attempted to switch the protocol.

In the Physical Settings tab I see 2 sets of config parameters for “Interface”, one with radio buttons and one with check boxes.

Finally, in the network config file there is a section

config device 'lan_dev' option name 'eth0' option macaddr '[device mac]'

In CC 15.05 these elements were in the config interface ‘lan’ section as

option ifname 'eth0' option macaddr '[device mac]'

I was able to get the wireless running by manually editing the wireless config file.

I am looking for a sanity check on what I see and how\what to test\report.

I had trouble uploading files. It appears to get to 100 % but never finishes. Not sure if I have to earn this capability or not. I have added files via drop box and will remove at some point (~30 days)

Please try clearing your browser cache - this sounds like a problem due to outdated cached LuCI JavaScript files

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Wow, I love easy fixes!! Thanks jow

As this happened on a new install, is clearing the cache something we should add to the flashing procedures after installing Luci?

Probably yes. I also added some countermeasures to LuCI now, see https://github.com/openwrt/luci/commit/d7d97723fef1c4e5fe436b15e088d24d558246b3

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