Hootoo HT-TM06 Still Supported?

Hello, I found the archived forum entry for the Hootoo HT-TM06 but a search of this forum for the device yields zero results.

Which target should I use to upgrade to the latest build or is MTK7620 chipset no longer supported - assuming this is the correct chipset. After installing OpenWRT, the 'Model' is listed as GL-MT300N.


The TM06 is listed as unsupported. - Work in Progress.

Thanks for the links. May I ask my question a different way?

I was able to get OpenWRT 15.05 r47065 installed? Is it possible to upgrade to a newer/more secure version such as 18.06 and if so, which upgrade method is recommended?

I was computers-cca who discovered the method to install 15.05 using the recovery mode which I discovered. It is non supported, but it should still work using the 18.06 build for gl-mt300n (link below). This will still have problems, like the reset button not working, because of gpio mapping, but it should be fine. If it does not work, you can always revert to 15.05. This is all sort of a hack and a substitute to getting the thing with its own build, but it is worth trying. Please report back!


Sorry, the first thing to do is just try to upgrade, it should work that way, use the gl-mt300n build. Then if it bricks (soft brick) either revert using the original method, or try the original method with the 18.06 build.