HooToo HT-TM02 - Manufacturer?

Does anyone know who the actual manufacturer of these is? I assume hoo too isn't the manufacturer.

Check wikidevi and the FCC database (if it’s certified).

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I've checked that and the two similar models but cannot find anything. No matter how I search for the device, knowing only it's Hoo Too name or TM02, I cannot find anything.

Thanks for the lead, it's a resource I wasn't aware of before.

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A company called ShenZen MTC made the (now discontinued) HooToo HT-ND001 dual band router. The same board in a different plastic case was also branded the Strong AC1200, which apparently has nothing to do with HooToo. MTC's web site says they can manufacture almost anything, though I didn't find any pictures of other HooToo models.

A company called Sunvalley Brands in Florida claims to have exclusive rights to import and sell HooToo products to the USA. They don't say where they come from though.

Yes, the Strong AC1200 is a much larger 4 antenna AP.

Thanks for the information. I'd love to know how you deduced it :).