Homeoffice problem with VPN

Hi community,

my first entry here. The question is somewhat easy i guess but I did not find a solution myself (and i am no pro, all is learning by doing...). I am relatively new using openwrt on a Fritzbox 4040 behind another Fritzbox 7490 (which is nothing more than a modem anymore). All devices are connected to the 4040 (two Interfaces: one which containes ethernet and wifi and another one for WAN). I set up my firewall to block all except speficied ports, which i need in daily use. I also setup stubby for using secure DNS.

My problem right now: I am currently working from home and my office laptop wants to connect via IPsec VPN. It doesnt work. I monitored the connection and allowed several ports but even with over 15 ports allowed, it did not work. Maybe it is some DNS problem but i cannot fathom it.
When activating the wifi on my Fritzbox 7490 and connecting my office laptop to it, everything is working just fine. I would just use it in this setting, but my home office room is too far away from the 7490. I have installed a ethernet cable to my office room which ends in a switch where two private computers and my office laptop are connected. So i am forced to use this switch to my 4040 and find a solution.

Question(s): which solution is best for me? Is it possible to directly route all traffic from my office laptop to wan (and back...) without bothering 4040s firewall and DNS server? Any ideas?

Sorry if it's really a noob question and thanks in advance!