HomeHub 5A - Cannot Install OpenWrt

Hi, I have attempted this numerous times but I am not able to install OpenWrt on my HH5A that I got yesterday. I have followed all the guides to the letter but it just doesnt do anything at the end.

There are no errors whatsoever, but when I execute prepare command, after a couple seconds it asks me if I have a backup I say, yes..., as mentioned and then the command exits. Although the guide says it should show that uboot is being decrypted but it doesnt show anything and exits. Even if I try to run the sysupgrade command myself it doesnt install the image giving some errors and then takes me back to CFG 04 prompt and I repeat the process all over again with same results.

What am I missing? Is my HH not capable or is there something wrong with it? Can someone provide any info?

Update: I have finally seemed to unlocked the uboot bootloader of HH5A. I proceeded with nanddump and created a complete backup, although it said that there was an error at 1 block but I continued with it and restored the HH5A with this backup. In the end it asked whether I would like to unlock the uboot and this is how I unlocked it. Now I can interrupt the boot process and enter in uboot. It shows VR9 prompt but I cant seem to find my way from there. Even if I use the install image it still doesn't install OpenWrt on it.

Sounds like you may a bad HH5A, perhaps corrupted image.

Only suggestion is try a nanddump from another HH5A. (see your PM)

I accidentally erased the whole flash and ended up using my own backup file to restore it back. Then I was able to install OpenWrt on it successfully. Thank you for your link.

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