Home Hub 5A (Plusnet Hub One) and 23.05.2: Wifi disconnects and poor performance

Regrettably, a bit anecdotal at this time, but having upgraded a BT Home Hub 5A and an identical Plusnet Hub One (Lantiq) to 23.05.2, I was getting random WiFi disconnects, hardly any connections to 5GHz, and those that made it only topped out at 65Mbps. No VLANs involved.

This was seen on Android and Apple devices. WiFi handover between the two routers (Edit: Two 'routers', but only being used as APs in the same building) while roaming round the house also tended to fail and sometimes when the connection dropped I had to 'forget' it and re-make it manually.

Having reverted to 22.03.5, WiFi is stable again, and 5GHz connections crank up to 390Mbps.

Having done a general forum search, I see a few others with different devices have queried similar behaviors, so it this a known issue or should I post some diags - I have a third Hub One I could setup with 23.05.2 for testing.



completely different arches though ...

start by describing your setup, and the "hand over", since you mention "two routers", not router + AP.

Two 'routers', but only being used as APs. The main network router/default gateway (non-wifi) is a stock Draytek.

If it merits further work, configs and logs, as mentioned, I can setup a third with 23.05.2 because the two live ones have been downgraded.

the failing setup would have been interesting to see, yes.

not seen many "bad wifi" threads about the BT5As, but it could be because they're mainly used as modems.

OK - will set aside some time to setup the third unit with 23.05.2 for testing.