Home automation task on MAC address update

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If a certain mac address joins for the first time in a while (me driving down the road towards the house), I'd like packets to be sent to a specific address automatically by openWRT.

The idea is to switch on the front lights by proximity of a WiFi client, but only if that client has been absent longer than 5 hours. Before you even mention range issues, my Wavlink AC600 chucks the signal all the way down the street being mounted in the top of the loft. It is just an AP though and services no overhead otherwise.

The actual interface and timing of the lighting will be handled by an ESP32 based endpoint which needs a dribble of packets from the main router running OpenWRT. Even small syslogs from the router showing disconnections and connections and times will do as the ESP32 could read that log and make decisions.

What do on openwrt

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You need kind of automation controller (unrelated project)

I'm not keen to integrate with any existing solutions. I guess I've answered my own question and will just forward DHCP logs to the ESP32.

If you have big router you can filter logs with syslog-ng/rsyslog and send only essential ones.

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Thanks. I will mark your original post as the solution as hopefully that is beneficial to other readers.

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