HL-WR842 recovery

Hi all
Recently, I bought an HL-WR842 router in China.
It is installed with OpenWrt 23.05.
By changing the configuration, I lost access.
IP connectivity is broken.
DHCP no longer works and if I configure my PC with a fixed address (, the PING does not give anything.
The LED of the ethernet port on which I connect my PC flashes sharply.
On the other hand, the LED of the Wifi is lit and fixed.
However, connectivity does not exist either, neither in DHCP nor in fixed address.
The RESET button did not allow a factory reset.
I also used the USB port with the firmware on a stick ( FAT32/EXT4 ) without result.
If you have any idea to regain control of the router, I am interested.
Thanks in advance.

where did you get the image, I cannot see it being supported ?


Hi frollic

I've got the firware from the support in China.
The name of the file is : openwrt-ramips-mt76x8-M2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

There are no pins on the motherboard for the serial port, which means I have to solder some, which is rather dangerous. No ?

Thanks for you quick answer.


then you can't assume their fw works the same was as real openwrt.

depends, are there holes for a serial header, then you could just pull the wires through them.

you really only need the set up for 30 sec, to do a reset, assuming it's done the same way as in proper openwrt, that is.

I confirm there are holes on the motherboard.
Can you direct me to the procedure for doing so?

Thanks again.

get a USB TTL device, then use three wires to connect the 842 with the USB TTL.
if it works, you'll get openwrt login via serial, and can reset the device

search youtube for openwrt putty serial

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On Tuesday, I'll have the material.
I'll check out the details for the reset and post the result.
Many thanks again.

(deleted, as it likely may not be of help, sorry did not see initially that the device uses a 3rd party customized 23.05)

Pico, thanks anyway.

Hi frollic,
As promised, here's some feedback from yesterday's and today's tests.
The serial console was functional but the data was never readable, even when changing the settings.
The vendor's support asked me to test several procedures, but none restored normal connectivity to reinstall the router.
The typical procedure gave connectivity of less than one second on TCP ports 80 and 443.
In agreement with the seller, I have sent the router back and I will get another one.
Thank you again for your help.

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